Bayberry Candles

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Our Bayberry candles are available all year long!

Bayberry is a classic holiday fragrance and one that may not appeal to everyone. It is full bodied and smells slightly bitter.
 While our cylinders and votives are not as heavily fragranced as our jars and tarts, we have made them all with the classic "Williamsburg Bayberry" fragrance in mind. Remember, everyone's nose is tickled differently. What might be a delightful fragrance for one person might be dreadful for the next. We have been provided with scent descriptions from our fragrance manufacturers and feel that they effectively describe each individual fragrance. Feel free to E-mail any questions before selecting a fragrance. Short of having scratch and sniff monitors, please remember that fragrances and their nuances are personal and subjective.

Bayberry Country Jar Candles

Bayberry Jar Candles

Our Bayberry Country Jar Candles are filled with highly scented wax, have a great fragrance impact, long burning times and are reasonably priced.

26 oz. Country Jar Candles
16 oz. Country Jar Candles
5 oz. Aroma Lights

 These richly scented Bayberry candles are traditionally given as gifts to be burned on
Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve for good
health and fortune in the year to come.

26oz Bayberry Country Jar
Price: $24.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


16oz Bayberry Country Jar
Price: $20.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


5oz Bayberry Country Jar
Price: $11.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


Thanks Pat,
I appreciate the note letting me know when to expect the candles and really appreciate getting them before Christmas. My mother had reminded me of the family tradition of lighting a bayberry candle for luck in the new year. I started searching and was surprised to discover that actual bayberry is now very hard to find. I was very pleased to find your company website. It's nice to not disappoint one's 83 year old mother! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Karla R.

Hi Pat,
I received the candles today. They all smell wonderful. Thank you for the personal e-mail and the note, as well. I was introduced to your company when my sister, Pat, sent me one of your bayberry candles this Christmas which smelled wonderful. It was the only candle I have ever had that burnt down evenly and burned until the last drop of wax was gone. Also the scent of the bayberry was wonderful. I am looking forward to ordering more of your candles. Thank you again!

K. Dunn
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Bayberry Palm Wax Candles

Our newest and most stunning application for our Bayberry candles is Bayberry scented Palm Wax!  As with all our other Palm Wax Candles, the “feathering” effect is a natural characteristic of this renewable resource wax. 

Four styles from which to choose, these avocado green candles will be a welcome addition for the entire Bayberry Season!

Bayberry Palm Wax
4" High Pyramid

Price: $9.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


Bayberry Palm Wax
4"x4½" Oval

Price: $14.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


Bayberry Palm Wax
3"x7" Octagon

Price: $19.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


Bayberry Palm Wax
2¾"x8” Peaked Pillar

Price: $17.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


Bayberry Soy Jar Candles

Our soy wax blended candles are hand made with natural fragranced oils. Our Bayberry fragrance has an earthy, herbal base with spicy overtones.

5oz. and 16 oz. Jar Candles.

16oz Bayberry Soy Jar Candle
Price: $20.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


Bayberry Soy Jar Candle
5oz Bayberry Soy Jar Candle
Price: $11.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


Colonial Candlecrafters - Radio Ad
Bayberry Candles

Hi, "LOVE the candles! I got them for gifts, but love them so much that I'm ordering another set for myself! It is almost impossible to find real bayberry candles locally and I'm very cautious about ordering online, but the product was great and the service was super-fast!"
Lizah M. - Tennessee                                                                                        
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Bayberry Tapers

Bayberry Tapers from
"Candles Colonial Candle Company"

Packaged a pair to a box, these 7/8" diameter Bayberry Tapers are 10" tall, with a delightful bayberry fragrance. Includes burning instructions and legend.
Color: Sage Green

 These scented Bayberry candles are traditionally given as gifts to be burned on Christmas Eve and
New Year's Eve for good health and fortune in the year to come.

VERY Popular!

Bayberry Tapers
Price: $8.95

Back in Stock!

Gift Boxed - $1.00
*Please note that gift boxes for bayberry tapers will be silver instead of our traditional white.


"I was searching online for bayberry candles for my mother and was thrilled to find you. I like your web site and the reasonable prices & shipping. I really like your candles." Thank you, Audrey
                                                                                                            Read More Testimonials


100% Bayberry Taper

  • Genuine 100% Bayberry Taper (Made in the USA)
  • Packaged ONE 8" "Real Bayberry Candle" fluted bottom candle.
  • The "Bayberry Story" on the inner jacket of the gift box.
  • Burning instructions are included.
  • A natural "blush" of wax is easily removed from the taper with a nylon stocking before use.
  • No additives are used to slow down the burning of these tapers, therefore they may drip.
  • Use an appropriate metal base for burning.
  • 100% Bayberry candles are available all year long!

Sorry! Sold Out!

100% Bayberry Taper
Price: $10.95

Back in Stock!

Gift Boxed - $1.00
Please note that gift boxes for bayberry tapers will be silver instead of our traditional white.


Real Bayberry Candle


Dear Pat,
"I never order anything on line, but I was searching for a real bayberry candle. I am from the East and I found your shop!  This is the same candle that my parents used to purchase for many years, to burn for our Christmas tradition at our home."
Blessings to you for being there! Marie
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Bayberry Scented Pillars & Votives

Colonial Candlecrafters has been making traditional colored avocado green, bayberry scented pillars and votives since 1972! 

Bring the warm fragrance of Bayberry and promises of luck and prosperity into your home
this holiday season!

3x6 & 3x9 Bayberry Scented Pillars
Votives  (3-pack)

3X9 Bayberry Scented Pillar
Price: $15.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


3X6 Bayberry Scented Pillar
Price: $13.95

Gift Boxed - $1.00


3 Bayberry Scented Votives
Price: $4.25

Gift Boxed - $1.00


Dear Pat,
Thank you! We used to shop at your store two or three times a year when our daughter was at Bucknell. After she graduated, we used to drive up from Lancaster just to buy your candles.  But with gas prices and busy lives, we really appreciate being able to order online. Your candles are the best! Happy Holidays to you !  Thanks again! Kendra                                                                         
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Bayberry Scented Home Scents

Colonial Candlecrafters' small, flat, flower shaped discs of highly scented Bayberry wax and used in potpourri warmer.

Bayberry Home Scents (3-pack)
Price: $4.25

Gift Boxed - $1.00


Dear Pat,
     "Now, that is what I call Bayberry!  They arrived today and they smell heavenly and now I am ready for Christmas.... May you all have a Merry Christmas and a good new year.

As a little girl, my grandmother always burned Bayberry candles and I do remember the great fragrance. So I guess that is where my fondness comes from.  As I grew up, there were more fragrances on the market but I always had bayberry in our home.  One year I could not even find it so I switched to Mulberry which I dearly love as well.  Then came the Spice candles and they are not bad either however Bayberry stuck in my mind. With all of the baby boomers and general changes in everyone's mind, some of us go back to things we used to love and traditions in our life.  I have looked and scoured candles this year and I could not locate one candle that was even a fake bayberry so again, I must thank you and I have now become one of your customers that will return again. ".
Thank you so much.
P. Herzog                              Read More Testimonials

You are such a sweetheart for taking the time to send personal greetings to your customers.  You ARE the company.  Where else would a person stay so involved in the business of pleasing people?! I continue to share with friends and family about the treatment I have received from you.  Not to mention the pleasure they have as I share your product with them.  All of the candles I have purchased burn brightly in my home.  I can hardly wait to use the bayberry candles.  So many fond and warm memories are brought to life as I remember two very special family members who are no longer with me.  Joplin, mo and a favorite aunt at Christmas time.  It doesn't get any better.  Continue to use the odor eliminator candles as well.  Wow, what a product!  Cooked a cabbage stew the other day.  Nobody even knew.  That has got to be quite a feat. My wish for you is that as we approach this holiday season, please know that your products make it special in this house.  Many blessings to you.  You are one of a kind, Pat Hess.  Thank you for being you. Special thoughts to you,
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