Candle Cappers

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“Candle Cappers” are used when burning jar candles.  These metal discs are placed on the top rim of the jar candle. Once the candle is lit, the capper allows cooler air to pass through the outside holes and the warmer air from the candle’s flame passes through the center hole. This stabilizes the flame, keeps a bit more heat inside the jar, and allows the candle to liquefy more readily. The only downside that I see is that by covering up the liquefied wax, the scent “throw” is not as intense as when the capper is not used.  So, typically, I trim my wick, light my candle, allow the fragrance to permeate the room and THEN put the capper on the jar.

Star Capper

Star Capper
Price: $5.50


Heart Capper

Heart Capper
Price: $5.50


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Dear Pat,
Thanks ever so much for the super-prompt delivery of my candles. I couldn't believe how fast my order was delivered! It seemed like I no sooner ordered and they arrived at my door. They smell absolutely wonderful. I am a long time candle freak and your candles are the best out there. Their fragrance permeated my entire home. The whole family just loves them. I will be a definite return shopper. One of these days, I am going to personally stop into your shop. You folks really go the extra mile when it comes to great products and service.Thanks again! Joann M                             
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