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label examplesWe offer local, non-profit organizations a simple and profitable fundraising program.

  • Choose 20 country jar candle fragrances in 26 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.
  • Keep a higher profit margin on candle sales.
  • Create a signature fragrance with a full-color, personalized label and stand out (applies to one 26 oz. or 16 oz. jar candle fragrance only).

jar candles with custom labelsHow the fundraiser works

  • Contact Colonial Candlecrafters to set up your fundraising program and create your signature fragrance.
  • Supply Colonial Candlecrafters a jpg image of your logo to be used on your one signature fragrance. Colonial Candlecrafters can design a label for a fee.
  • Over a two or three week period, take orders and collect money.
  • Compile and submit a master order to Colonial Candlecrafters for fulfillment.
  • Your organization picks up and pays for all the candles in your order.
  • Distribute the candles to your organization's supporters.
  • Keep the profits.

Contact us now to start your fundraiser.


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